London & New Year Night

Indeed, London is acknowledged as one of the exceptional tourist spot and also ranked top when it comes to employees most liked place to work for. Most of the people desire to witness New year night fireworks but very few gets a chance to actually have its glimpse. It’s because numerous people virtually waits for the tickets which usually gets finish with in no time. It won’t be wrong to assume that tickets may get sold off 4 to 6 months earlier. So the first act you expect to do is to check the website and buy it instantly. Well if you find yourself lucky enough to grab one or more than buckle up yourself and expect party hard. It is no doubt a breath taking event for the viewers explicitly 15 mins of firework. Simply one can’t explain the delight person feels. Entry for general public gets open at 6pm. You must be wondering what you are expected to do till 12. That’s where you have to go through a hard assessment. All you have to do is WAIT & WAIT & WAIT. Let’s list down what can you do . 1) Enjoy the static front scene 2) can see people around 3) gossip with you folk 4) take pictures 5) enjoy music 6) take a nap on folk shoulder 7) discuss your love affairs 8) Eat your food. Beside all you are forced to stand like a statue just for nothing for straight 5 hours. On the other hand, things, you need to be care full about are 1) take warm clothes as weather conditions usually remains extremely cold 2) take a bag which can be used as a pillow 3) portable battery 4) Interesting Novel 5) Anything that could engage you for few hours. As compare to people benches are too less so if you find yourself lucky to have it grab it in a blink, don’t leave your seat in any case. It seems all right to spend 5 straight hours standing and waiting for something happens for just 15 minutes but its neither bad to have a bench. People usually run after grill or bar instead acquiring bench that’s the biggest mistake they do. So if you find an empty bench or grill must go for bench. You can have your food, drink, extra warm clothes, save your batteries for the final few mins or take portable batteries along. It takes you to get to your allocated place few mins but it takes minimum 90 mins to leave same place because of huge crowd. Make yourself mentally prepare that you have to stand for literally nothing for straight 5 hours but those final 15 mins are worth watching. No doubt it’s a life time event but a one time as well. If you are travelling from somewhere outside London, you need to be seated well before time as London behaves really awkward even in normal days. As per stats daily commutation of people in London in a day is 3 million. You can well imagine how can a tourist spot behaves on new year evening. You should be aware from which place your entrance is towards the venue and at which station you are getting off. London is huge diverse and extremely fast. Its transport gives you hard time if you are not vigilant in planning and selection. It’s good to go prepare and preserve your energy for the right moments.


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6 thoughts on “London & New Year Night

  1. People usually run after grill or bar instead acquiring bench that’s the biggest mistake they do. So if you find an empty bench or grill must go for bench.,………….,


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