Euro 2016 .. Underdogs overshadow

It was a tournament oppressed with fear. Terrorist apprehensions overshadowed the build-up and the ongoing reality of hooliganism kept much of the focus off the field in the first week. But even on it there had long been criticisms over the format with issues of quantity and quality much discussed.

Change of Rule

However, a number of keenly fought contests so far at Euro 2016 have allayed the worries that the group stages could be short on drama. As many as 32 of the 36 group games were in the balance into the closing stages. Any suggestion that the tournament would see a series of processions has proven to be unfounded.

Greizman from France remained top scorer. Both teams showed exceptional show in 90 minutes. Clash of Ronaldo and Messi remained under limelight but Renaldo manages to pull the team up in final which was not much expected. Besides these two, Ramsey (Wales) remained outstanding. Wales were considered underdog and with a huge effort after a stretch of 58 years they did qualify for semi’s which was quite impressive by beating one of the top favorite team of euro by 3-1. They also remained on top in a group against their rivals England. Spot on Germany remained certainly disappointed because of their deprived performance, not a substantial win against Italy in a quarter and lost against Portuguese in semi’s marked huge question mark on the timeline. Belgium thwarted their followers was expected to produce some quality show but surrender against underdogs Wales. De Bryne (ManCity) and Hazard (Chelsea) fetch Wales in up line against some top teams. Spot on Iceland labeled underdog grabbed the convincing win over England in a quarter final.

Some amazing facts:

This summer 24 nations descend on France to battle it out for the coveted title of European Champions.

Wales: Wales qualified for the 1958 World Cup after beating Israel, whom a number of Asian and African teams had refused to play

Hungary: Hungary’s 10-1 win over El Salvador in the 1982 competition was the biggest in World Cup finals history.

Slovakia: The Slovakian national football team is often known as “The Fighting Jondas”, although the legitimacy of the nickname is heavily disputed.

Romania: The entire Romanian team bleached their hair blond prior to their 1998 World Cup group match against Tunisia

Austria: Austria’s surprise quarter-final defeat to Peru in the 1936 Olympics was annulled by Adolf Hitler, and they went on to reach the final

Switzerland: In 2006, Switzerland became the first team to exit a World Cup after failing to score a single goal in a penalty shoot-out.

Belgium: Belgium changed their kit to all-white in the 1970s to improve their visibility in evening matches

Germany has a 100% losing record against Egypt, having lost their only meeting (as West Germany) in 1958.

Spain: Spain’s biggest win is a 13-0 victory over Bulgaria in a friendly in 1933.

France: To avoid a color clash, France were forced to wear green and white striped shirts borrowed from a local club in their 1978 World Cup match with Hungary.

Spot on Euro 2016

  • David Guetta did perform
  • There’s a cute little mascot
  • Some of the ticket proceeds has gone to charity
  • The French president has created a special committee
  • Matches had been played in state-of-the-art stadiums
  • Thousands of free match tickets have gone to young adults
  • Fans and locals did help in organizing the event
  • Stadiums were completely smoke-free
  • Gibraltar took part in the qualifying stages for the first time
  • It did leave a positive legacy for the future

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  1. a number of keenly fought contests so far at Euro 2016 have allayed the worries that the group stages could be short on drama


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