Managers reaction on Chelsea lifting trophy 2016/17

Michy Batshuayi was the unlikely hero on a night when Chelsea wrapped up their sixth title in the face of surprisingly obdurate resistance from West Brom. His 82nd-minute winner sparked wild celebrations among Chelsea’s players, backroom team and traveling fans that are likely to last long into the night. Thanks for your time and have a great weekend. We’ll have plenty more live action for you in the coming days.


The Chelsea manager on the logic behind his double substitutions: “I think during the game you can allow to do this change [taking Hazard and Pedro off],” he said. “This moment of the game I think Hazard was a bit tired and also Pedro, and I wanted to give more energy with Michy and Willian. I think that Michy paid me a lot with this change but it’s great for me, this is my first season. It wasn’t easy for me to arrive in England to try a different habit, a different language and also a lot of players after a bad season.”

The Chelsea manager on the tactics that helped win him the title – specifically, changing to a back three after suffering a hiding at the hands of Arsenal. “I think this decision to change our system won this league because in the first part of the season we didn’t have the right balance,” he said. “And when I saw after two defeats against Liverpool and Arsenal … bad defeats, not simple defeats, I knew I needed to change and find a new situation for my team. In my mind, there was this option to change and play with a 3-4-3 because I know the characteristic of Willian and Pedro – number 10. To play with only one forward and two number 10s made us more solid in our defense.”

Chelsea Reaction

“It’s amazing to celebrate something with the fans and especially when the game was so difficult,” says Eden Hazard.

Alongside him, Marcos Alonso is pleased to have won his first major honor in football. “I think we had the confidence for the 90 minutes but we knew it was going to be tough,” he says. “I am delighted and hopefully there is more to come.”

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