10 skills every sales persons and entrepreneur should have

You need to have these skills in order to drive your customer according to you. What makes you stand out and force others to listen and give attention is not an easy task particularly in the current time when things are moving fast forwardly and customers have many options to opt if they miss one option.

Let’s see what are those skills (This blog has some irregularities, just ignore)

  1. How to negotiate

Speaking of jobs, good negotiation skills can also get you that raise you’ve been dreaming about. If you know how to negotiate properly, it means you’re holding at least some of the cards and you’re prepared to battle it out.

Negotiation skills are not about beating the opposition out of the other party. The best negotiators are ones who are able to create win-win situations, in which everyone walks out thinking that the deal is a good one. The impression you leave after a negotiation can have a lasting impression, which can impact everything from future negotiations to your reputation in your industry.

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  1. How to make a good first impression

It’s usually always implied that first impressions matter. It takes a quick glance for someone to evaluate you when you meet for the first time. Within this small-time frame, the other person will be forming opinions about you based on how you dress, how you look, how well you shake their hands and a slew of other things. Never forget that the first impressions last.

Everything you do or don’t do either adds to or takes away from your credibility and your capability to influence someone.

  1. How to make new friends

Being a very private person myself, I understand how hard it is to approach new people. But, in today’s world, it is important to have the ability to walk up to a new person and have a proper conversation. Meeting people is a great way to learn new things, expand your network, and gain new opportunities in life. Part of getting your career in shape is building up your awareness of relationships with people.

  1.                                                                                       How to communicate assertively

Being assertive means that you express yourself effectively and stand up for your point of view, while also respecting the rights and beliefs of others. Many of us are taught that we should always concede or surrender to others and avoid conflict. We’re told that it is selfish to consider our needs above those of others, to think of the greater good. And if someone does something we don’t like, we should just be quiet and stay away from that person in the future.

Assertiveness shows high self-esteem and a belief in yourself because you’re willing to stand up for your interests and express your thoughts and feelings. It also demonstrates that you’re aware of the rights of others and are willing to work on resolving conflicts. If you communicate in a way that’s too passive (shy) or too aggressive, your message may get lost because your recipients will be too busy reacting to your delivery.


  1. How to speak in a public setting

Public speaking is one of the most important yet the most dreaded forms of communication. It’s a way to help you increase your self-confidence. We live in a materialistic society and there’s no way around that, and hence, a lot of our self-worth and self-esteem is gained by what we think society’s perception is of us. By speaking publicly, you increase your communication skills, becoming more confident at addressing a large crowd, and also become adept at perceiving people’s reactions to your message.

Public speaking skills are also important in securing a better, high-paying job. It is how you present yourself at your interview that ultimately decides whether or not you land that job and where you land on the pay scale.

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  1.                                                                      How to have multiple streams of income

The advent of the Internet has made it easier, faster, and more affordable to generate multiple income streams. Jobs and paychecks are not the only way to earn money. Beyond bringing in some extra cash, having multiple streams of income lets you gain experience in a field, lets you cash in on your interests and passions, and reduces the risk of you being left without any income. If you’re laid off or one source of income drops, you have other sources to help you get by.

Other than monetizing your skills, you should also know how to invest in the stock market. It’s not that difficult and stocks offer the most potential for growth. The more time money is invested, the more time it has to grow.

  1. How to say no without sounding rude

Saying “no” to a request can be a hard thing to do. We don’t like to introduce negativity into the conversation or have someone think less of us because we don’t agree. Saying no is about respecting your own time and making sure you’re not spreading yourself too thin. Helping people can be great, but if you say yes to everyone who asks you’ll never be able to do it all. It’s often important to turn things down, but don’t be blunt. Make sure your recipient understands that your attention is needed elsewhere or your health, life, and peace of mind need to be tended to from time to time.

  1.                                                                                                          How to create a budget

A budget helps you figure out your long-term goals and work towards them. If you just drift aimlessly through life, throwing your money at every new clothing line or object that happens to catch your eye, how will you ever save up enough money to buy a car or take that vacation you’ve been dreaming of? A budget forces you to map out your goals, save your money, keep track of your progress and make your dreams a reality. You’ll know exactly how much money you earn, how much you can afford to spend each month and how much you need to save

  1. How to clean up after yourself

Lots of people make the transition from a teenager to a young adult but still manage to be a complete slob. Learning to clean up after yourself not only makes your home sanitary, it also helps portray you as an organized person in your work setting. Cleanliness helps make you a more efficient, calmer, and happier person. Basic cleaning skills include doing laundry, cleaning a house properly, doing the dishes, learning how to cook and having a weekly and monthly cleaning routine.

  1.                                                                                                             How to manage time

Your time is limited to 24 hours a day, so it’s important that you utilize this resource effectively. When you practice good time management, you have more time to breathe and this allows you to determine which choices are the best to make.

When you’re pressed for time and have to make a quick decision, you’re more likely to jump to conclusions and not fully consider the different options – this leads to poor decision making. Basic time management skills allow you to prioritize your day and help develop an organized approach to tackling problems.

6 thoughts on “10 skills every sales persons and entrepreneur should have

  1. The best negotiators are ones who are able to create win-win situations, in which everyone walks out thinking that the deal is a good one.


  2. Speaking of jobs, good negotiation skills can also get you that raise you’ve been dreaming about….Speaking of jobs, good negotiation skills can also get you that raise you’ve been dreaming about


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