Making sure to defame Pakistan, Nobel award holder Sharmeen on crictics

Everything is possible yes explicitly in Pakistan. A tweet can take your job away no matter how long you have been working sincerely and dedicatedly does not matter.

What makes her think that way? has really made be thoughtful since the day I came across this news. How can be a person who has so many versatile feathers in her hat could go to that depth of weirdness? I was appalled, horrify, outrage, repel and revolt. Maybe she was going out of projects in her timeline or was vastly short of fame for a long time or maybe got impressed by Meera and retained limelight just the way low tier celebrities manage to stay in the news.

Such actions normally get ignores with a fraction of sarcastic smile which has become the top trend in a tweet.


Sharmeen you have just turned out to be a shame for Pakistan. If you are trying to seek the attention of International media, maybe you will manage to get that but Profile has surely defamed in Pakistan. There are numerous other ways to stay in the limelight if you were really missing that phase. Even if you are running short of topics, you never go to that depth of negativity. You seriously rose questions on your repute and mindset. People have never expected that you could go to that perceptive of society as well. Well, one thing is for sure this act won’t bring much benefit than the outcome that doctor is facing now. Just imagine the situation of Doctor at home when his 4 kids know the reason of firing their father.

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