Top ten Amazing Festivals of Pakistan

A celebration is an occasion usually celebrated by a group and fixating on some trademark part of that group and its religion or customs.

Numerous celebrations have religious beginnings and lace social and religious importance in conventional exercises. The most critical religious celebrations, for example, Christmas, Rosh Hashanah, Diwali, and Eid al-Adha serve to check out the year. Others, for example, reap celebrations, praise occasional change


Chilam Joshi

Chilam Joshi.jpg

This celebration is commended in May by the Kalashi agnostics to grasp the spring season in the locale. Chilam Joshi celebration among different Kalashi celebrations is held with a specific end goal to advance the Northlanders method for living. It is additionally of religious significance to the Kalash individuals as they thank their divine beings for their various gifts. A key element of this celebration is the move by the Kalashi young ladies who wear excellent dark weaved robes.


Shandur Polo Festival

 Shandur Polo Festival.jpg

Arranged in the wonderful zone known as the ‘Top of the World’, Shandur is the world’s most elevated polo ground. Amidst the year, a well-known Central Asian game is played on horseback at Shandur Pass, which is a noteworthy mountain go amongst Chitral and Gilgit. Groups of Chitral and Gilgit participate in the polo competition. Different highlights of this celebration incorporate society exhibitions, music, trout angling, and so forth. This celebration is an unquestionable requirement visit on the off chance that you are making a trip to Pakistan in the period of July.


 Navroz Festival

Navroz Festival

A prominent celebration among the western neighbors of Pakistan, Navroz is likewise celebrated in the nation by individuals having a place with the Parsi and Ismaili people group. Generally denoting the primary day of spring, it is praised as an appreciation for the innumerable gifts offered to the general population. Navroz delineates the bond that outcomes from family holding.


 Pakistan Day: (23 March)

Pakistan Day

Pakistan Day is an earth shattering turning point ever. This occasion is held to stamp the commemoration of Pakistan Resolution go by the Muslims of South Asia on March 23, 1940 at Minto Park (now Iqbal Park), Lahore. The determination was introduced by A. K. Fazlul Huq. The country remembers this day with extraordinary energy and excitement, to respect the most exceptional accomplishment of the Muslims of South Asia who passed the noteworthy Pakistan Resolution bringing about the making of Pakistan under the dynamic initiative of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah; a country where they could live in peace, agreement and as per the precepts of Islam.


 Independence Day: (14 August)

14thIndependence Day

This superb day is a land check in our history to recognize the autonomy of Pakistan. Autonomy Day is praised with enthusiasm and intensity in all parts of the nation on August 14 with exceptional projects masterminded in all of all shapes and sizes towns and provincial regions. On this day, gatherings, parades and revitalizes are held everywhere throughout the nation and the entire nation is designed on this day. Individuals from different strolls of life brighten their homes with national banners and the structures, city strip malls, bazaars and all the principle streets are likewise being decorated with banners and favor lights.


 Defense day of Pakistan: (06 September)

Defense day of Pakistan.jpg

The sixth of September is a brilliant section ever, when Pakistan, its military and individuals stood joined in 1965 with regards to Pakistan and make plans to stop and beat back Indian multi-dimensional assaults against Pakistan. This notable day is remembered through parades and displays of military hardware at Rawalpindi, Lahore, Peshawar, Quetta and Karachi.


 Air forces Day: (07 September)

Air forces Day.jpg

Aviation based Armed Forces Day is commended on seventh of September denoting the official start of the Indo-Pak war of 1965. That day Air appears and different projects stamp the PAF’s part in safeguarding the country. This day is praised by show of most recent air ships of Pakistan Air force and flying demonstrations at Rawalpindi, Sargodha, Lahore, Peshawar and Quetta.


Lok Mela

Lok Mela.jpg

The excellent capital of Pakistan is home to the National Folk Festival, which is otherwise called Lok Mela. This celebration is prominent as it features the excellence of the performing expressions. Craftsman and entertainers at both national and global levels partake in this celebration.

These celebrations demonstrate the genuine, beautiful picture of Pakistan and subsequently are an image of the rich legacy that the South Asian nation has. If you have whatever other Pakistani celebration that you have gone to, please share them with us in the remarks area underneath.




With the appearance of spring Basant Festival is praised with ceremony and show in mid-February consistently in Lahore. At the end of the day this is the spring celebration.

Lahore is turning into the fundamental point of convergence for the festival of this celebration in Pakistan. Individuals generally fly kites on the tops of their structures. It is normally watched that rest houses, lodgings and place of relatives of the members are completely stuffed with visitors from everywhere throughout the nation. In addition somewhere in the range of five star inns likewise mastermind this capacity on their rooftop top for outsiders and other high class nobility. They additionally orchestrate assortment of dishes with melodic show. At times Laborites on this event wind up plainly enthusiastic and in this state, make lawfulness issues for the organization. Some of them utilize metal string for kite-flying. Their deed often forces, other than life danger, a significant issue for WAPDA when the string touches the live wires.

Muslim culture is ending up extremely prominent and being praised in Lahore consistently with energy and intense




Pakistan emerges among all the South Asian nations by being a most assorted nation which fuses diverse societies in it; speaking to various ethnic gatherings, talking distinctive dialects and following distinctive customs. One of the celebration commended across the country is Jashn-e-Shikarpur. The general population of Pakistan don’t just take after their societies themselves however they feel celebrated in celebrating and exhibiting their societies to other individuals, with the goal that individuals become more acquainted with about their conventions and their customs and value them. Following their customs and conventions they sort out various occasions and celebrations to share and commend their bliss. They assemble and perform diverse commitments, take an interest in various games, play out their conventional moves, share their emotions and satisfaction. These celebrations are an extraordinary image of their solidarity and speak to their way of life carefully.


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  1. Muslim culture is ending up extremely prominent and being praised in Lahore consistently with energy and intense.i love pakistan…..


  2. A celebration is an occasion usually celebrated by a group and fixating on some trademark part of that group and its religion or customs.


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