How SME’s are better to start your career than Multi-National?

Nearly every business graduate tends to start his career from multi-national rather than from SME’s. Indeed starting a career from such platform gives you a better chance to integrate into the market. On the other hand it limits you in many ways. MNC’s kills your creativity, sense of innovation or halts your ability to expand.

Working in Multi-National from an employer perspective:

  1. Gives you a positive start
  2. High growth chances
  3. Enhance your profile
  4. high stability
  5. Strong Organisational structure
  6. Rewards and incentive
  7. Salaries on time
  8. No introduction needed 

While introducing MNC’s, Sales Manager usually not bothered to persuade their client out of certain domain or they don’t think out of the box to give a solution to their customer. They stay in a certain slant while convincing clients which are extremely negative. They usually believe their brand is superior to clients choice.


What SME’s teaches you:

  • Gives you a small & hard start
  • Growth chances are 
  • Enhance your profile
  • Gives you confidence
  • Enables you to brainstorm things 
  • Ables you to deal with diverse people
  • They need 100 reasons to justify against MNC’s
  • They need strong reasoning 
  • Enables self-confidence and strong defense 
  • Makes you vulnerable
  • Jack of all segments 

SME enables you to defend yourself in 100 ways. It does not allow you to hide behind the shadow of a brand but force you to be vulnerable.

Customers walk in them and find the representative roaming around in the place. Indeed they greet customer with the joy but when it comes to a point of persuading customer or bringing him out of confused thought whether to go for his official brand or not, representative usually stays in a defined domain no doubt customers are 50% convinced that’s the reason he falls in that store but the required effort representative is expected to put in to the customer forcing him to opt for his brand usually lacks in representative because of the thought in their minds that the brand they are representing is not supposed to go upto that limit or level.

Whereas a guy working for small advertising agency will be vulnerable and always on his toes to face customer with 100 reasons. He will have all those competitive strengths in his minds which customer spells out and thus he will counter them strongly. He knows that whatever he is saying he should mean it. Normally in such small companies, Business Developers/Account Managers have given authority to play around openly. They are asked to generate business at any cost. That authority allows them to think the various perspective of generating business.

A Sales person from SME’s has to be more efficient, progressive, vigilant and vibrant than the person from MNC’s. Even if you take yourself who will you trust more Coke or XYZ  cold drink? In such cases, there are more chances of a guy from SME’s to learn and develop his skills than the guy from MNC.


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