What world leaders have to say about Trump call: Jerusalem

The head of the Arab League has called US President Donald Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital “dangerous and unacceptable” and a “flagrant attack on a political solution” to the Israeli- Palestinian conflict.

Reason behind rising crises

President Donald Trump perceived the debated city of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital on Wednesday, a noteworthy choice that topples many years of US strategy and dangers setting off a crisp fit of savagery in the Middle East.
The move makes the United States the principal nation to perceive Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. Palestinians called a general strike as world pioneers from over the Arab world and some from Europe upbraided the move.

Almost all presidents in last 20 years availed the option of law which gives President an option not to step forward if in case it erupts any violence or non-peacefull riots in the world against his decision. As Trump promised in his political campaign he will move embassy so he fulfilled it 

Russian President Vladimir Putin has said that any decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital is “counterproductive” and “destabilizing,” in an apparent criticism of the recent step by US President Donald Trump.

We consider counterproductive any moves that preempt the result of negotiations between the Israelis and the Palestinians,” Putin said during a state visit to Egypt on Monday. “Such steps are destabilizing, and don’t help to resolve the situation, but instead provoke conflict.

~ Aboul-Gheit said Trump’s decision was “against international law and raises questions over American efforts to support peace” between Palestine and Israel~ 



Current issues
Therefore, remote government offices are for the most part situated in Tel Aviv and its rural areas. Jerusalem is one of the key issues in the Israeli– Palestinian peace process. The two Israelis and the Palestinians need it as their capital. The European Union has said Jerusalem’s status is that of corpus separatum.

It’s fact:

All the statements being made by the Arab regimes are strictly for public consumption because the Arab public is clearly outraged at the massive demonstrations in cities across the world showed.

“But in reality, most of these regimes – Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Egypt, and Jordan – are very close to Israel.  They either have formal or tacit ties and so they will do nothing in practice other than issue statements.”

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