If TRUMP would be some store, it would be H&M

According to the Daily Mail, bystanders and shoppers ran from the outlet as the protestors gathered, with some wearing red t-shirts. In videos posted on social media, some are seen pulling down racks and wearing clothes from their shelves and throwing them on the ground.

” If TRUMP would be some store, it would be H&M ” He is encountering expected reaction from people of HAITI, Elsalvador, and African over his remarks “Shit Hole Countries

hnm hoodi

The affected stores are reportedly closed until further notice.

Clothing brand H&M is dealing with the first major PR nightmare of 2018, with people outraged over a particular hoodie. Some have branded the Swedish retailer ‘racist’ after a green jumper had the phrase, ‘Coolest Monkey In The Jungle’ written across the front and a black child wearing it.

While the mother of the boy has told people to ‘get over it’, it hasn’t stopped people across the world calling H&M all the names under the sun.

But people in South Africa have taken their outrage a step further and have absolutely trashed at least four H&M stores.




Credit: Twitter/Floyd Shivambu



Credit: Twitter/Floyd Shivambu

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