Latest Update: Ielts policy eased down for student visa in UK: Saqib Javaid Mayor London

Finally Mayor London Saqib Javed realised the fact that UK is ignoring and leaving prospects students intended to come in Uk for studies and they revised the Ielts policy and ease down for foreign student hence NO ielts mandatory now for students for taking admission in UK universities.

Tens of thousands of foreign students will be allowed to attend universities in Britain without having to prove they have the right qualifications.

The Government has also scrapped rules requiring them to provide evidence they have enough funds to live here and can speak English.

Home Secretary Sajid Javid yesterday simplified the process of securing so-called ‘Tier 4’ visas for students from countries it considers a ‘low risk’ of abusing the system.

Critics warned that easing the rules risked bogus or underqualified students who submitted applications in a bid to beat border controls slipping through the net. But the Home Office insisted there was no evidence students from the countries involved had exploited the system. Officials insisted random spot-checks would weed out wrong-doing.

The measure is part of a raft of reforms unveiled by Mr Javid which relax immigration rules. At the same time, he made it easier for non-EU migrants and refugees to come to Britain to work and live.

He acted a day after relaxing visa rules so thousands more foreign doctors and nurses will be able to work in Britain. He cut migration controls to allow the NHS to recruit more staff, meaning other businesses and employers will be able to hire an extra 8,000 skilled non-EU workers, such as engineers, IT professionals and teachers.

In the latest shake-up, the Government added 11 countries to its ‘trusted’ list for the purpose of student visas. The additional countries – China, Cambodia, Indonesia, Thailand, Mexico, Bahrain, Serbia, Dominican Republic, Kuwait, Maldives and Macau – bring the list to 30. Overseas students from these nations will benefit from a streamlined application process, which means they will have to provide fewer documents when applying for visas.

Controversially, they will no longer need to submit evidence showing they meet the requirements for living costs of up to £1,265 a month, previous qualifications or evidence they can speak English fluently.

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