New Tesla Semi “Mad Max” will blow your mind

Incredible innovation coming up from Elon Musk to give a eccentric outlook to transport industry in near future. Not only it outlook entice customers to see this smart Mad Max at their door step but also it will be a economical addition in terms of fuel efficiency. Prevailing their one of the major attribute Tesla brings another mind blowing addition

Tesla’s “Ludicrous” vehicle mode is a phrase borrowed from Spaceballs, as is the new Roadster’s “Plaid” mode. Now, Tesla’s turned to a different movie for its latest vehicle mode, this time on the electric Semi.

In a recent tweet, Tesla CEO Elon Musk showed a screenshot of what is allegedly the Semi’s dashboard screen, showing a “Mad Max” option for the truck’s blind spot threshold.

It’s likely that this setting alludes to how much space the system requires between the Semi and a car behind it during automatic lane-change maneuvers. “Mad Max” won’t run another vehicle off the road, but it’s probably near the minimum allowable distance.

It’s possible that this setting could only exist for debugging purposes, and it might not make it to production. Musk didn’t offer any further information. Considering another tab on the Semi’s menu is “Developer Actions,” it’s likely that this system is still in an early form.

What I’d like to know, though, is how the “Augmented Vision” tab works. Autoblog posits that it’s probably just a fancy name for a head-up display, but knowing Musk, he might have something weird up his sleeve. Not as weird as thrusters on a sports car, but hey, 2018 has proven thus far that just about anything is possible.

This is the new Tesla Semi!

It’s an all-electric semi-trailer.

It’s capable of hauling a whopping 80,000 pounds, meeting the maximum allowed on US highways!

Yet it can still travel 500 miles on a charge.

How? Part of it comes down to efficiency. It’s more aerodynamic than even a Bugatti Chiron!

And way more comfortable inside…

The interior has a pair of Model 3 displays. 

And it’s so tall you can stand up!

With drastically reduced operating costs, this could really shake up the industry.

The Tesla Semi ships in 2019, so get those orders in, truckers. 

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