Fifa World Cup 2018 knockout stage: most upsets

The 2018 World Cup has been full of shocking upsets. From Russia’s stunning upset over Spain to South Korea’s victory over defending champion Germany, the World Cup 2018 has been unpredictable. Now that the quarterfinals are set, it’s time to fill out your 2018 World Cup bracket starting with the Round of 8. You can choose which team advances based on your limited knowledge of each team, your favorite player, or even a team’s jerseys… or you can listen to a proven model. That’ll give you a leg up on your competition in your World Cup bracket pool for the quarterfinals, semis, and finals.

And before you lock in your 2018 World Cup bracket on FIFA’s official site or anywhere else, you need to see what European football expert David Sumpter has to say.

Sumpter is an applied mathematician who wrote “Soccermatics” — the book that shows how math works inside the game. Together with experienced analysts, Sumpter developed the powerful Soccerbot model.

The Soccerbot reads current odds and all team performance data, calculates key metrics and predicts upcoming matches. In the two-and-a-half seasons since it was born, the Soccerbot is up 1,800 percent on bookmakers’ closing odds. That’s right — 1,800 percent!

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