Japan soccer team lost against Belgium but showed sportsman ship

It was one of the stunning and thrilling match of the mega event when in the first half Japan out of no where manage to get the line crossed twice leaving Belgium in outclass . What an incredible two goals in first half.

Nevertheless Belgium made the history by returning equaliser in the next half and showed supporters to get ready for another 30 minutes play. But who knows thats not the case when in the last 30 second of additional time Belgium keeper just stepped out fiercely and gave the most amazing pass to one of the forward player and make half of the supporters stunt and half cheered by making it 3-2 in last 30 seconds.

Japan suffered a devastating loss against Belgium in the knock-out round of the World Cup, after leading the game 2-0 with just 25 minutes remaining in the second half. The shocking 3-2 loss meant Japan was out of the soccer competition and headed home. Before they left, though, the heartbroken team showed an impressive display of good sportsmanship and even better manners.

On the field, the team respectfully bowed to their opponents. They then filed into the locker room to change. But before they departed, they left the room completely spotless and even left a thank you note in Russian for their hosts

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