Brexit uncertain leading face Johnson Boris resigns from the government

Theresa May had embark on a mini reshuffle after Davis announced his resignation late last night, saying that he could not defend the Brexit plan agreed by the cabinet at Chequers on Friday. Davis’s resignation came as May was already facing an angry backlash from Conservative Brexiters who believe that her plan to ensure the UK accepts a “common rulebook” with the EU on goods (ie, the EU’s rulebook) means that Britain will remain a “ruletaker” after Brexit. The outburst of Brexiter anger poses a potential threat to May’s leadership, but not necessarily an imminent one. Davis has said he does not want to see May replaced (see 9.43am), and although many Brexiters are saying May’s plan is unacceptable, we have not heard any of them today saying May must quit. May is preparing to defend her strategy, in a statement to MPs at 3.30pm and then in a private meeting with Conservative MPs at 6pm.

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