Dear “HUNG PARLIAMENT “ Predictors, here are the results of General Elections 2018

All those analyst, Journalist, Media persons , political people and people from different walk of life assuming that this will be ” HUNG PARLIAMENT ” and Imran Khan wont be able to concede majority here are the stats:

National Assembly

PTI: 118

PMLN : 61

PPP: 40

MMA 10


IND 12

In NA if they only take IND and MQM with them which are most probable chances they can easily make Federal Government. SIMPLE MAJORITY


PTI 116. PMLN 126 IND 26 PMLQ 5

170 is required to make government IND are ready to join PTI and of course PMLQ and reserve seats


Sweeping victory for PTI 63 seats

Rest parties are all under 10 astonishing


PPP 60 ( will form government )

PTI 20 PML 6 MQM 10

They will have a strong opposition


BAP 16. PPP 6. PMLN. 4. PTI 3

BAP will form government

It shows that PTI turned out as not only symbol of federation but also in a strong position to make governments in Punjab and KP and will be strong opposition in Sind.

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