Practical Study Guide for Students


Trends in students for studying abroad have risen drastically in last few years. Students are interested to pursue their studies in countries like United Kingdom, Australia, Canada , USA & Germany. More over coming towards program and universities is another thoughtful process student has to go through. However these are not the only problems student incur during pursuit of study abroad. We are stepping ahead and educating students for the future so that they could get well prepared and take necessary and wise decisions on arrival. What mandatory steps they should take in order to encounter issues on day to day basis. For the sake of it we have formulated a section that is comprised of valuable information for students going abroad and we would like to make them feel better and distance them away from traditional challenges they usually face when they land at new place. We have list down few important points which will surely help them knowing these issues in a practical way and also enable them to respond apt.

So to make it simple and supportive for our prospect students, We have divided this brief in 3 stages and every stage has its own significance:

Stage 1    Its about (Information)

Stage 2    Its about (Documentation)

Stage 3    Its about (Post Arrival Action)

Stage 1    (INFORMATION)

Which country I should choose?

Which University will be most suitable?

Which Programme or course I should choose?

What are the fees per annum?

What are the future prospects?

What’s the during of the course?

Post study work permit?

Any scholarship I am eligible for?

Stage 2       (DOCUMENTATION)

What are the documents I need to arrange/submit?

How much IELTS I need?

How much financial statement I need?

What’s the Visa processing time for this case?

Stage 3        (POST ARRIVAL ACTION)

Get you University registration done

How much will be the monthly expense?

(Food + Living + Travelling + Phone + mise)

Which transport mode will be the apt for students?

How to open Bank account?

How to get job in first month?

How to roam around in the country?


We have divided our segments in 3 portions to make it crystal clear for the students to know about everything they feel like. All 3 segments comprised of eccentric and useful information for students. stage 1 and 3 are the most crucial and critical segments and they are emphasised accordingly.

Purpose of the Document:

The intention behind this document is to give student one step solution and provide advance knowledge to encounter their issues. We assure that all the solutions will be apt as per the best knowledge.


Comprehensive and authentic guide to study in Germany

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