In Retail industry every second has cost & Walmart knows it

Retail is one of the fastest industry on planet and every second means value to retail giants thats why they are realising competitive and have heads down on making significance advancements in all possible segments. Keeping in view this utter need of time Walmart has used tech apt. Where every second has a value they intended to save time and money and they have come up with Unicorn idea

Alphabot is the latest technology to be tested by Walmart. Other pilots include shelf-scanning inventory robots, self-driving floor-scrubbing robots and a partnership with Waymo that provides autonomous vehicle transportation for grocery order pickup. Walmart has also been expanding its Pickup Tower feature as well as its grocery delivery service with the help of DoorDash and Postmates. Looking to the future, recent patents filed by the company include designs for smart carts, wearables, a drone and an audio surveillance system.

Walmart automated system will allow consumer to fill online order and receive in the car that minimizeĀ time and cost

Although this is a small pilot, we expect big things from it,” Walmart said about Alphabot. “We have a lot to learn about this new technology, and we’re excited about the possibilities of how we can use it to make the future of shopping — and working — even better

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