China & Google finally borne: Accept our terms or stay out

It was a long way of negotiations between China and Google, Chinese are way to particular about there norms and values and don’t allow any one to breach their sentiments no matter you ranked in top brands of the world. Back in 2006 Google started negotiations with China to launch its search engine in China but China has some serious reservations and they drive there people according to their law and pattern.

Google to launch Censor Search Engine in China: sources

It took almost 10 years to both sides to understand each other and realize the business they are missing and service. Now According to a report by the Intercept’s Ryan Gallagher on Wednesday, the search engine will “blacklist sensitive queries” and filter out websites blocked by the Chinese government. Search terms about sensitive subjects such as human rights, democracy, religion, and peaceful protest will be among those blocked.

China censors online information to quash political dissent — and just about anything the government deems dangerous. Google is currently blocked in the country, along with other media giants like Facebook, the New York Times, and YouTube.

With 750 million internet users, China is a huge untapped market for Google. The move to launch a censored search engine in the nation is likely to be great for both Google’s stock and its shareholders.

Google has already proven it’s more comfortable in moral gray areas these days. Now that the U.S. government is less likely to discourage Google from helping a government censor its media, why wouldn’t Google cash in on the opportunity?

A whistleblower provided the site with internal documents on the project, codename Dragonfly, which launched in the spring of 2017. Through Dragonfly, Google is building a special Android search app that follows the Chinese government’s strict censorship guidelines.

The government has already seen a version of the app, and the final product could launch in the nation within the next six to nine months, according to The Intercept’s report.

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