Interview tips

Whats up Guys!!

Today we will going to see some most likely questions that you could face in your interview at any company for any post or designation.

No matter you are in Bank, Telecom, FMCG, Insurance or NGO whatever the company is lets assume you get a call for post like Marketing Manager, Sales Manager or Customer Manager.

The very first thing that has a tons of significance is your dressing and your first impression as you enters in room so never compromise on that.


Tell us something about your self?

This part is something you should be very fluent and fully prepared that what you will going to tell them. Be precise and brief.

You can start with your most recent education and move on to your first job and end up at your most recent job.

What do you know about our company?

You have to visit the website or any information available on internet to tell them what exactly there domain is.

What were your job duties in the first or last job?

Lets assume you are from Marketing sector. So you should have basic terms of marketing in your mind to elaborate such as looking after existing clients, responsible to develop new clients or business, developing marketing strategies , overview strategies executions and so on and so forth.

What were you accomplishments in the last job?

You will tell them that you have generated these numbers in revenue (if you are in marketing) or if you are in Operations , you can tell them how you improved your domain or department efficiency. What ever achievements you have you can elaborate

What are the most important attributes of Manager Sales ?

This could have two perspective, first he may be asking with customer perspective , what are the qualities of Manager while facing customer so if he did not mention you can ask to make it clear and respond accordingly.

Second perspective is Manager Sales attributes in business development.

Why you think you are suitable for this job?

They basically intends to see the spark in you.

You can respond:

You can be a valuable resource

You have relevant experience

You are positive , vibrant and you make things happen

You can help them in achieving companies goals

What are your strengths?

You always go for the Solution

You take manageable risks

Your are extrovert and positive

What are you weaknesses?

My perception about people

Sometimes gets over professional

Always up for people

Where do you see yourself in next 3 years?

The purpose of asking this question is they want to know your intentions whether you want to progress or stay at same position. You have to respond very carefully

Whats your family background?

Explain your family tree, starts with the parents and continue with your siblings , what they are doing (Study or work) , no need to mention names.

Why you want to switch?

Very brazen question, where you should respond very precise and it could be:

I am intended to grow , i am looking for better opportunities and rewards. I feel like i am stuck so want to change my environment.

Why do you have so frequent switching?

You should have a solid reason behind your career timeline and it varies from individual to individual.

What is your salary expectation?

You can either quote your previous figure and give an idea how much in percentage you want raise , like if you are getting 72000 per anum , you can say you want 30% increase plus perks. There is a difference in basic and Gross so be careful

How soon you can join us?

It depends on your company , whats the notice period duration tell them accordingly.

These are primarily questions for which you need to prepare your self.

Following things you need to focus on:

Be very humble

Be confident

Be yourself but do not open all your cards instantly

Be active and energetic

Keep a smile (expression matters a-lot )

Important Note:

Its a competitive era, every thing matters like never before. If you are trying all by-your self than you need to be very careful.

Resume plays an integral part in taking you to interview table. Its play a role of passport in your job.

But as you reaches interview table, your confidence, outlook (dressing+appearance) , communication matters a lot.

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