Urban areas are not equipped to deal with this Scorching summer heat in EU: Record Temperature


PARIS- Northern Europe, this summer people are astonished with the signs and alerts they are getting, cows are dying of thirst in Switzerland which never had such a high temperature ever in years, glacier is melting in Austria and fires are gobbling up in Sweden. It feels like a advance version of biblical plagues.

Urban infrastructure is not equipped to deal with this Scorching summer in European Countries: Record High temperature in EU


Warning of Tsunami triggers, iceberg may break off a piece in Greenland. London is facing unicorn issue as fans and air conditioners are running out.

More over Southern Europe are expecting to face as high as 104-111 degrees Fahrenheit this week. Two people have been reported lost their lives amid high heat waves.


Reports from various stations in Northern Europe gathered resulted more closer to Arctic Circle more heat stood in the atmosphere. Different claims of record high temperatures have been received from Norway, Sweden and Finland.

Local people believes this kind of heat wave they used to observe once in 10 years which now been observed every second year. We really need to take counter measures in order to prevent this Global warning.

Temperatures that used to be seen as outliers will become “the norm for summer” after 2060, said Jean Jouzel, who was vice chairman of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

Although much primitive measures have been taken in last years and people use to enjoy this summer but this was the cruel scorching summer Europeans have ever faced.

Occasional heat waves could push temperatures in Europe toward 120 degrees unless there is a dramatic slowdown in global warming trends, he said.

“This really is to enter into another world,” Jouzel said.

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