Mass shooting result in Blood shower in Chicago with at least 40 shot in 3 hours

A total of 60 people have been shot across Chicago sine 5 pm Friday, including nine fatally, as the city endured one of its deadliest weekends, ABC’s Chicago affiliate WLS reported on Monday, citing police. Police said that the local hospital, its resources stretched thin by the bloodbath, was placed under “trauma lockdown,” meaning only closest family members can access the patients

• Thirty people were shot in just 3 hours early Sunday in Chicago.

• Two people were killed and 28 were wounded between midnight and 3 a.m., including at least 13 teenagers.

• There have been about 339 homicides in the city so far in 2018, with 285 people killed by gun violence.

Gun violence has swept Chicago over the weekend, with two people shot dead on Sunday and another 28 wounded during three early morning hours that saw the city being rocked by five mass shootings.

Chicago, which routinely places high in the list of America’s most dangerous cities due to its high homicide rate, has been experiencing a spike in violence startling even by its own grim standards.

Twenty-five people were victims in five mass shootings that rocked the city early on Sunday. A teenage girl was killed in Chicago’s Lawndale neighborhood on Sunday morning in a shooting that resulted in another five people being injured, including an 11-year-old boy.

The girl was shot in the face and died at the scene, police said. A 26-year-old man suffered gunshot wounds to his abdomen and ankle as a gunman fired from a moving vehicle. The man succumbed to his injuries and was pronounced dead in a hospital.

In another mass shooting that took place in a courtyard, eight people, including children, were injured.

Lanwdale witnessed another mass shooting shortly after the city descended into darkness. The incident unraveled near an elementary school, where three teenagers, two boys and a 17-year-girl, as well as a 25-year-old man have been injured in a shooting rampage by unknown perpetrators, The Chicago Sun-Times reported.

A street brawl in the West Garfield Park neighborhood that sparked a shootout between two rivaling gangs resulted in three women, who were standing on a porch nearby, being injured and taken to hospital.

Another shootout unfolded in the West Humbold Park neighborhood, after perpetrators in a black Cadillac fired at a group of people standing on the sidewalk. Four people, including a passerby, were injured as a result. The Cadillac swayed off the road and crashed during the altercation, but the attackers still managed to escape in the car.

A spate of several separate shootings where only one person was affected saw a 14-year-old boy suffer a wound to his leg in Garfield Park, an 18-year-old teenager sustaining “multiple shots” in Lawndale, and a 26-year-old man and a 20-year-old woman being shot in the leg and an abdomen respectively in the Little Village and the Logan Square neighborhoods.


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