Imran Khan officially sworn in as Prime Minister of Pakistan : Received Guard of Honour

60 years of Khan’s life

Imran Khan was officially sworn in as Pakistan’s prime minister on Saturday. The cricket star-turned-politician assumed the nation’s leading office after his party, the Pakistan Movement for Justice, won the most parliamentary seats in the general election in July. Khan received 176 votes in the 342-seat National Assembly, just short of a majority, which means a coalition will have to be formed. Khan, 65, who used to lead the national cricket team, is also known as a philanthropist and previously served in the parliament.

First address to the Nation as PM Pakistan , Commitments he did with the Nation

It was not an easy journey for any individual who lacks political inheritance and struggled all by himself for 22 years to get his most difficult goal accomplished. That’s what his rivals, Journalist, International establishment, media and celebrities believe. From 1996 to 2018, from first elections he failed to win a single seat, in 2003 he won maiden seat form Mianwali, in 2008 he boycott, in 2013 he grabbed 32 NA seats which was game changing and in final round in 2018 he got a sweeping majority in 2 main states Punjab and KPK and in federal. It is 3rd consecutive democratic government transition took place which is significantly very important.

People have high expectations from him as he promised he improve people quality of living, will minimize poverty, inflation, will educate 2 billion children suffering of lack of education. Basically people were fed up of 2 traditional parties PMLN and PPP who were in power for more than 3 decades and it is basically the alternate option people eventually got. IN 2013 he got a chance to make government in KP, and it is believed that people in KP never give a second chance if they fails to deliver but Imran Khan got better majority in KPK this time. So people have expectations that he will apply same strategy in Punjab and make this state which has 65% of the population better in all aspects.


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