New Prime Minister of Australia from Liberal party: Scott Morrison

Australia has a new prime minister in Scott Morrison – the socially conservative architect of Australia’s hardline anti-asylum seeker policies – after he mounted a late challenge during a drawn-out struggle for power in the governing Liberal party. All you need to know about him,

All the facts about Australian New Prime

30th Australian Prime Minister On Friday, incumbent Malcolm Turnbull failed in his attempt to stare down a challenge from hard right MP Peter Dutton, with insurgents in his party gathering enough signatures to call for a “spill” – or leadership contest.

Australia to get new face in Prime Minister House

That led to a three-way challenge that included Morrison, Turnbull’s treasurer, Dutton, the former home affairs minister, and Julie Bishop, the foreign minister. Turnbull himself stood aside from the contest.

Morrison was sworn in as prime minister on Friday by the governor general – the Queen’s representative in Australia – General Sir Peter Cosgrove.

In his first address as prime minister-elect, Morrison counselled unity for a riven party.

Mr. Morrison, 50 years old, seized the leadership of the Liberal Party—the country’s main conservative bloc—in a ballot of its lawmakers Friday, after voter surveys suggested the government was headed for defeat in elections due next year.

Mr. Turnbull, 63, stepped aside earlier in the day as it became clear that he had lost the support of the majority of his party. That ultimately pitted Mr. Morrison against Peter Dutton, 47, a hard-liner who had challenged Mr. Turnbull, and lost, on Tuesday.

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