Thousands Marching in Parliament Square demanding Second Brexit asap

Just happening in London now

Well its a busiest weekend turning out in London more than normal as anti Brexit crowd erupted from various veins of London intends to unite at Parliament Square to claim the numbers in favour of anti Brexit verdict.

Tory MP Anna Soubry said its understood we are many and cant be ignored, we have got many individuals who changed the mind after voting and realised later.

One of the changed thought voter told, that He chose to vote leave because of “economic evidence partly supplied by the Tax Payers’ Alliance” which he says “made sense at the time”

Key points:

  • More than 100,000 set to campaign for a second vote
  • Mayor of London to address supporters in the capital
  • A pro-Brexit rally is happening at the same time in Harrogate
  • Brexit supporters have called the campaign a “loser’s vote”
  • Sign up to Sky’s campaign for leaders’ TV debates

We are over 1200 in numbers gathered here for now to present our verdict as we got betrayed by our politicians. There are various other groups in support in different counties gathered on same agenda.

As far as digital media, we have got huge views on Harrogate , 13000 views on facebook, 18000 on twitter people are watching us and you know what seeing is believing.

We think these all views matters because people can not be physically present in Parliament square London as its a weekend close to end of month and they have so much to do.

Christian said, its totally unfair the way politicians are making decision while ignoring the facts and people power, we will make sure we wont let them that way. It will cost us Jobs, increase in prices and a lot more .

Rida Akram an asian activist told, all we need to be heard from Westminster walls and expect satisfying response. Back in Native country Pakistan street power forced anti people policy government go home and they never believed and assumed while it was happening same is we see in Britain.

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