Most Promising Interview Questions that can stand out you among others

There are two important stages first one is you get shortlisted for Interview on the basis of your attractive Resume and secondly how you represent yourself and sell in interview.


They very first document that reaches and speaks on your behalf to the employer is your “Life Nutshell” briefed on a single page known as “Resume”. Your resume should at least be that much fascinating that it gets HR attention for not many but for one reason which force HR to go through your Resume at any cost. Its a whole new debate of how to make a attractive resume. We will not get in that debate here.

Lets assume your Resume is attractive enough to get you an initial interview screening call from company, whats the next step you have to undergo to get yourself to the next stage?

Market is very competitive and to deal with it you have to be extra ordinary while selling yourself to the company.

Few things that matters a lot are as follows:

1) Your Outlook & over all Dressing is the first attribute that can change the whole scenario.

Not to forget about the confidence you need to face the person sitting in-front. Lets assume the person is not on the seat and you have to wait so sit down and make yourself calm and revise your introductory lines. You should be fluent while introducing your self, clear, precise and brief too.

Most likely Questions you could be asked :

Introduce yourself please.

What is your job description in current/previous job?

What are your KPI’s and targets?

Who are your major clients in the industry?

How do you deal with frustrated client?

How good you are in managing clients?

If you have 2 calls one is from Business Client and second is from End consumer which one will you take first?

Where do you see yourself in next 5 years?

( they in fact wants to know your motivation level and believe as every one does not want to progress)

How much is your salary expectations?

Why should be hire you?

What are your strengths and weaknesses?

Tell us something that stuck in out mind and persuade to hire you?

How is your experience relevant to the current position?

What if you have to stay at same position for next 3 years?

What kind of Manager you would like to work with?

How much revenue (Sales Job) you generated in previous company?

How would you Sell us your mobile, you have 5 mins?

Tell us something that stand out you from rest?

What do you have so frequent switches in you previous jobs? ( you should have a reason behind)

How long you will stay if we hire you?

How you will add value in our organisation?

Be very precise and brief while responding to these questions and there are 95% chances that you could be asked these questions in your interview. Be well prepared and formulate logical and comprehensive reply to all these question only then you could enhance your chances to get the job.

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