Top international faces from Indian Cricket side notion involved in fixing: Reports

Breaking News: Al Jazeera revealed heart breaking news for Cricket fans and lovers across Indian when they realised one of the top face betrayed them by opting something unethical and extremely disturbing. It is a moment of extreme shocking for followers around the globe as they have never imagined

It appears to involve two dozen fixes in 15 international matches.

The evidence, from 2011 and 2012, points to a small group of England players allegedly carrying out spot-fixes in seven matches; Australia players in five matches; Pakistan players in three, with players from other teams carrying out spot-fixes in one match. In some cases, both teams appear to have delivered a fix.

Spot-fixes affect just a small part of the game and do not determine the overall result.

Al Jazeera has obtained purported recordings of a match-fixer calling in the fixes to a notorious Indian bookmaker linked to the organised crime. He is unaware that the recordings were leaked.

India’s Virat Kohli with Munawar [The player depicted is not implicated in any wrongdoing/Al Jazeera]

The matches in which fixes were allegedly carried out include England versus India at Lord’s Cricket Ground, South Africa versus Australia in Cape Town and several matches during England’s series against Pakistan in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

The files suggest that the suspected fixes were usually carried out by batsmen who agreed to underperform. Some of the world’s most famous players were batting when the fixes allegedly occurred.

Many of the matches appear to include multiple fixes, making a total of 26 fixes in the 15 matches.

Rohit Sharma with Munawar [The player depicted is not implicated in any wrongdoing/Al Jazeera]

Al Jazeera exposed the alleged match-fixer, Aneel Munawar, in the documentary, Cricket’s Match-Fixers which shook the sport in May 2018.

Munawar, right, speaking to Al Jazeera’s David Harrison at the Taj Hotel, Mumbai, India [Al Jazeera]

Munawar is based in Mumbai but spends much of his time in Dubai. In the follow-up film, The Munawar Files, we reveal that he has been allegedly corrupting international cricket since 2010.

The matches include six Tests, six One Day Internationals and three T20 World Cup games.

Pakistan’s Umar Akmal, right, pictured with a Munawar associate. The player depicted is not implicated in any wrongdoing [Al Jazeera]

Al-Jazeera also discovered that the International Cricket Council (ICC), the sport’s governing body, had known about Munawar for eight years.

Yet, the ICC issued a global appeal to find Munawar only after Al Jazeera informed them it was preparing this documentary.

Twenty-five of the 26 predictions made by Munawar proved to be correct.

A UK-based firm of sports betting analysts said the odds of Munawar accurately predicting 25 of the 26 outcomes without fixing them were 9.2 million to one.

In the recordings, Munawar uses the same methods and language that he used during our undercover investigation in 2016 and 2017, when he gave advance details about alleged fixes in two Test matches in India.

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