Emergency declared at Gatwick Airport : Flights suspended again

Gatwick Airport: Thousands of passengers remained annoyed and absurd even after resume of operations at Airport which got halted after the drone suspected.

Reports says that runways got suspended once again due to same hints received at control room and it has been observed that drones are circulating in critical areas within runways that could harm planes and end up in worst outcome.

Emergency Declared on Gatwick

More than 300 flights are effected due to unexpected drone sighted which forced authorities to halt operations for situation to get clear first which seems not possible in hours to come. Hence passengers are in extreme chaos and cautious to know their flight timing which they cant be disclosed at the moment.

Drones halted fights effected so many tourists aiming for New Year destination

Flights have resumed at London’s Gatwick Airport after a full day of cancellations yesterday due to a mysterious drone that was spotted repeatedly in the area. Flying drones near an airport is illegal because flights are unable to take off and land due to possible collisions. The British military was even called out to search for the drone operator, but they still have no idea who’s behind this deliberate disruption of a major transportation hub.

It’s still unclear what kind of drone or drones may be the problem, though the local police have announced that the “devices used are of an industrial specification.” No clear pictures of the drone have been released

flights around the world suspended

Other airports around the world are on high alert because if this is a coordinated disruption it obviously doesn’t take much to put an entire airport out of commission. It appears that all you need is a drone with a sufficiently long range to not get caught.

“This is an unprecedented issue. This isn’t a Gatwick Airport issue. It’s not even a UK issue. It’s an international issue,” Gatwick’s chief executive Chris Woodroofe said today after flights resumed, according to the Guardian.

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