Khan welcomes Trump desire to meet him: FO

A recent change in government realized Trump’s team that they have to revise their working relationship with newly sworn cricketer turned politician Imran Khan as Prime Minister. The focal point of realization is getting out from Afghan mess and Trump been told that none other than PM Imran Khan can help him out in this matter. He was expecting to meet him at Davos but Imran Khan did not attend that meeting.

Khan previously missed UN meeting held in 2018 and sent his FM Qureshi to represent country later missed Davos meeting held last year. He wanted to put the house in order first. However, he visited KSA twice, UAE, China, Turkey and Malaysia for rescuing the sinking economy and received historic support Pakistan never had received in past.


Now US President Donald Trump has expressed his desire to meet Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan, spokesperson of Pakistan’s foreign ministry said on Thursday.

Addressing the weekly briefing here, the spokesperson Mohammad Faisal said that during his recent visit to Pakistan, US Senator Lindsey Graham, discussed Trump’s interest in meeting with Khan, however, date and venue have not been finalized yet.

“There are no dates, as of now, for this meeting. A lot of preparation and homework is required before such high-level engagements are materialized,” he said, Xinhua news agency reported.


He said that Senator Graham also met with the prime minister and foreign minister, which were useful in understanding each other’s perspective and reviewing the regional security situation. Matters of bilateral and regional interest, including the Afghan situation, were discussed.

Earlier in December, Trump wrote a letter to Khan, seeking Pakistan’s support and facilitation in a negotiated settlement of the conflict in Afghanistan.

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