Though nobody likes it but it has significance

What makes game joy-able? Can you consider winning game without instructions and limitations? Have you ever imagined if you are not bound you wont be able to achieve any thing explicit. What makes companies progress in a certain domain? Life revolves around that.

A lot people dislike rules.

Yet without rules, people go broke.

Personally, I do not like rules.

My rich dad said, “Without rules there are no assets. Without rules, only outlaws and thieves get rich.”

When the leaders of big businesses break the rules…

… the companies get wiped out

… employees lose their jobs and

… investors lose their money.

In neighborhoods where there are no rules… property values plummet.

If a husband cheats on his wife… families are often destroyed.

If you break the rules of your body by drinking, doing drugs, smoking, eating, or not exercising… your health is destroyed.

If there were no police enforcing the driving rules… more people would die.

Even though I do not like most rules, I know that rules are important for anything of value.

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