Her solo bike drive in Pakistan and interesting encounters

Everyone told me it was too dangerous to come to Pakistan as a single female, let alone ride a motorcycle across the country. Now 1500 km’s into my tour I can tell you first hand what it’s like to travel Pakistan as a solo female and what I’ve experienced so far.

There is a lot more to witness in country like Pakistan

Countless smiles and cheers of joy as I pass people and they realize it’s a female riding. Numerous offers to stay in locals homes wherever I stop, families are always inviting me to stay with them. When I stop for chai or snacks at a store, most often someone will buy it for me, or the owner will not let me pay, saying I’m a guest in their country and they would love to gift this to me. Food food and more food! wherever I go, I’m offered to eat wonderful home cooked food 😋 or offered gifts of food from street vendors as I pass by. Everyone wants to say hello and ask where I’m from and are curious what I think about Pakistan. They want me to know that Islam is a Peace and love and that I am accepted just the way I am. I’ve been gifted many things now by the people and families I stay with and been given the highest attention and hospitality, even if they don’t have much to give, they make sure I’m happy. And they give with their whole hearts. So many beautiful connections & heart felt moments, I have truly fallen in love with the people here💗

Katrina Bold scene with Aamir Khan

This is Pakistan. This is the country of Peace and Love. And this is my unedited experience so far. As a solo female traveling by motorcycle.

Pakistan has suffered greatly in past years due to the continuous negative image the media portrays. Since many years now, they aren’t used to seeing tourists. So they’re overjoyed to see a foreigner. Not because I‘m anyone special, but because it gives them hope. Hope that Pakistan will once again be recognized for the beautiful country it is and the true heart of the people will be seen. People have labeled Pakistan as dangerous or that the people aren’t good. And I’ve seen how that personally affects the people here, it brings them to tears to have such accusations, and it breaks my heart to know what is said and how they’re treated abroad having experienced the culture first hand and how they’ve treated me

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