This Eiffel Tower is not in Paris though

This giant metal monument looming over the city is known as the famous destination in Paris where thousands of tourists comes and observe there special events. Perhaps its not the only one to visit if you are somewhere in Asian region and willing to have shots with giant metal erected structure.

All about the real Eiffel Tower

Beside famous for so many other things You may also find the replica of giant metal structure in Lahore Pakistan. It has been built by one of the Asian Real estate tycoon owner of Bahria Town. The replica was constructed in 2017 and open for visitors to get the same imagination in real.

The Eiffel company’s design won, and construction of the wrought-iron tower began in July 1887. But not everyone in Paris was thrilled with the idea of a giant metal monument looming over the city. 

Even to contemporary eyes, the Eiffel Tower is unique. But in the late 19th century, nothing had been seen like it. “Modern architecture was emerging slightly in Paris before the Eiffel Tower. But it was doing it in a very shy way,” said Gudek Snajdar. Iron, which was newly popular as a building material because of the Industrial Revolution, became a cornerstone of modern architecture. But in 1887, it had only appeared internally, as support structures, or in unimportant buildings like hothouses, factories and bridges. 

“The biggest problem was that they still didn’t know how to make something aesthetically appealing with the new material. When they were using it, they would try to repeat historic stone structures. It’s very visible on — for example, pillars in the Bibliotheque Ste.-Genevieve in Paris,” explained Gudek Snajdar. “However, with the Eiffel Tower they changed completely the way they were using the new material. The structure, its appearance is completely new and modern.”

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