Why shifting on Cloud is obligatory?

If you wont get on cloud till 2025?

Due to continuous technological growth and advancements, the demand for cloud computing services is increasing, too. It has become essential for individuals and businesses to have a better storage space with increased security and faster service. There is no doubt about the fact that Google has been ruling the internet with its search engine services. However, when it comes to cloud technology, Amazon and Microsoft are giving Google tough competition. Amazon offers the most-up-to-date mobile and web apps in the market, gaining a strong anchorage for itself in the market.

Having taken over our daily communications almost entirely, the web is constantly evolving and expanding. With this continuous expansion, it provides you with more and more data which you consume daily. However, all the information that appears on the web, every like, subscription, tweet, downloaded video or uploaded vlog, making all of this possible requires a highly sophisticated computational process working behind it, constantly.  

The smooth functioning of the web has more to it than just the computational procedure. Current web services operate through a solid and intricate network of RAM, containers, database engines as well as machine learning skills. 

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Importance Of Cloud Technology   

With these constant high-tech developments and changes, migrating to a cloud platform is not an expensive and time-consuming process for an organization anymore. With so many cloud providers in the market, business corporations are finding it extremely beneficial as they can have more options and services to choose from that are cost-effective as well. 

Which Is The Most Cost Effective Platform?

Google stepped into the cloud market when Amazon Web Services was already an established cloud platform in the IT industry. AWS was relaunched in 2006 and has been offering advanced cloud services and products since then.

Just like Amazon Web Services and Google, Microsoft introduced Azure to establish itself in the cloud market. Presently, Microsoft Azure enjoys a bigger market share than the GCP and has been continuously working on developing and upgrading its level of services to the consumer.

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Current Market Scenario

According to the latest study, Amazon rules the share market with a hold of a massive 34%. Amazon is followed by Microsoft Azure, which owns around 14% of the market share. Last but certainly not the least, we have tech giant Google Cloud holding a minimal percentage of the market share. 

The apparent supremacy of Amazon in the market has, in turn, resulted in greater demand for certified professionals to manage cloud computing for organizations. As a result, AWS certification training is highly sought after by individuals as it globally verifies their cloud computing skills and increases their chances of landing up an ideal job.  

Why Opt For Amazon Web Services (AWS)?

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is one of the leading cloud platforms in the IT industry. Amazon Web Services offers a wide variety of services including mobile apps, management, and other web developing tools. AWS offers products and services to perform storage operations and manage containers that assists an AWS certified developer to perform cloud operations more effectively and efficiently. 

Amazon’s cloud platform is based on IaaS and consists of the following parts:

  • Database management
  • Networking and storage 
  • Computation Power

EC2 and S3 are the most prominent features of AWS and serves as a base for more advanced level services and products offered byAmazon Web Services.

Since Amazon offers the largest number of services, it is possible that you may find those services that aptly suit your organization’s storage needs and requirements. These applications help developers to design and manage advanced-level and highly scalable applications.

Ever since it was relaunched in 2006, AWS has been continuously working on making its cloud services more affordable than its competitor cloud platforms, Microsoft and Google. For those potential customers who are skeptical about migrating to AWS platform, Amazon has a free trial offer for such users.

As AWS is constantly modifying its services to meet the needs of organizations, it is becoming immensely popular and being adopted by many enterprises. These enterprises are currently in search of trained staff who can effortlessly handle their cloud operations.AWS offers various training programs for professionals to equip them to meaningfully contribute to their organization. Therefore, it is highly recommended to enroll in the right IT training program and earn an AWS certification if you seek career advancements.

Why Opt For Google Cloud Platform (GCP)?

Many experts opt for Google as it offers a wide range of products and services for cloud specialists. The most popular among these is the Google App Engine. With the help of Google App Engine, you can design various applications without working on multiple servers. 

This app by Google takes care of building mobile applications as well as web applications efficiently. One factor that makes Google Cloud the first choice of many experts is that you can execute all computing operations by using the very hardware utilized by Google for its countless web services such as Gmail, Google Search etc. Moreover, services by Google Cloud also include supplying databases, networking as well as storage solutions. 

Hence, you can find an all-inclusive solution for your IT operations and produce varied web services and apps. Despite the fact that Google provides fewer facilities and options comparatively, it still boasts a large clientele due to its comprehensive approach. 

Google Cloud Platform lags behind AWS and Microsoft Azure in terms of the number of services and features provided. However, it offers the most cost-effective package for small businesses and start-ups. This package helps Google in winning the confidence of new users and clients and find a firm footing in the cloud market.  

Why Opt For Microsoft Azure?

Microsoft Azure provides a platform to help professionals work on VMs. Similar to Amazon Web Services and GCP, you can adjust your computation power according to your system’s requirements here as well. If you need computing in parallel batch for your web services, Microsoft Azure takes care of it, as does Amazon AWS. Azure and Amazon AWS have to their credit the exceptional trait of providing the option of large scale parallel computing. 

Since Azure does not offer a free trial package for new users, it is better that users first determine their cloud needs and choose only those services and products that would be beneficial for their cloud system. You might have to pay for additional services separately.


It is evident that Amazon, Microsoft and Google have their own strengths and weaknesses. While Amazon concentrates on the number of services and offers the largest number of cloud services, GCP on is known for offering services at a lower price Microsoft Azure tries to maintain a balance between its services, costing and features.

Before selecting a cloud platform for your organization, you have to first figure out your budget and your organization’s storage needs. It is better to first understand different applications and features these platforms have to offer. Then it will be easier for you to decide on the features and services which are really beneficial for your organization.

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