Huawei overcome the anticipated challenge: Tech war

Huawei already heads down to anticipated tech war impact and that was the reason they were in the process to reduce their dependability on the US and to overcome expected challenges.

On Friday Huawei unveiled a new smartphone chip, keeping the growing demand in view they realized that demand grew more than last year and exceeded to 100 million units in 11 months

The new chip is designed with seven nanometer standards and is intended for high-end smartphones, said He Gang, president of Huawei’s consumer business group, at a launch event in Wuhan, Capital of Hubei province. He was excited and elated on the reduced dependency and challenges the company had to face from the US.

Huawei claims it has 50% local users in China and 50% in the rest of the world so they don’t want their users to worry about anything and want seem less and sustainable experience.

Huawei plans to reduce further dependency and if conditions forced them to do so.

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