Travel to the mountains

There is a cure for every disease I believe, is not it? From minor to a major breakdown in your body. Imagine working for 365 days, do you think you still be able to continue your work with the same efficiency as before? Well, humanly it’s not possible every one needs to break some prefer taking after 6 months and some after 12 months. But there are few crazy couples who make it after months. Though it was not on the weekend so it was a little unusual. I would never recommend Hotel One in winters when there is a chance of snow as you can be stuck in its steep height. It was a short trip and we got back to Lahore. After some time we had a short trip to Mangla stayed there for a night and ran away to Nathiagali as it was burning out there. In April we decided to leave for Hunza and the trip lasted for 7 days. Most adventurous, craziest, scariest and probably the terrible as well. Drove for almost 15 hours non-stop. Went from Basham the road conditions were terribly worst due to Barsha Dam under construction. Chinese have taken over the project. Major recommendations will be shared soon.

A journey to Hunza was a memorable trip of our life.

Any suggestion or recommendation about road conditions or hotel stay or destination feel free to ask.

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