First Semi-Final, NZ steals it from favorites

The first semi-final has just been played between India and New Zealand where you know who were the favorites. In Old Trafford fans ration was 85:15 % India: New Zealand. What a match it turned to put in the end was unexpected and exciting. It was a kind of roller coaster for fans in the Old Trafford. Fans around the world are saying its all about “Karma”, which means tit for tat. In the match, India played with England if they would have taken it serious than India had to face Pakistan in semi-final and that’s where the past record states Pakistan never won in such scenarios but India cautiously lost to England fetch New Zealand in semi-final and here is the result of the first semi you have seen. Pakistan, people are enjoying the moments at there best as its all over for India in the World Cup # CWC19.

We have a couple of funny jokes trolling on the internet we did like to share a few of them

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