Many flights delayed and canceled due to FS Breakdown: EU Airport

Breaking News just like Manchester in May explicitly for travellers to stay calm and alert as they remained calm at Manchester Airport but this time its much bigger than Manchester. Yes, it is.

Flights at KLM Reschedule

With the gap of almost 9 hours, the halted fuel system breakdown is getting resume but officials are not sure how long could that take to bring back the fuel system operational at third busiest Airport in Europe. Approximately 450 flights from and to the UK and other parts of the world are affected which led to huge chaos in passengers travelling between Europe and other parts of the world. Waiting areas are packed and long Cues are observed all around KLM. Departures from Heathrow, London City, Manchester are terribly affected.

Check flights status here

In May, Manchester Airport had the same fuel system breakdown which led suffer around 10,000 passengers but this seems much more than that. Its probably due to “air control restrictions” as well which led flights to wait for just nothing.

Mark Dearlove, who was booked on a Flybe flight to Southampton, said: “It is absolute chaos at Schiphol tonight. Airline staff have no clue what is going on: 300 people in line to rebook and get hotel sorted. Chaos.”

More than 350 flights to and from Europe’s third-busiest airport have been cancelled because of the collapse of the fuel system.

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