Hong Kong likely scenarios?

Global viewers are very much aware of the issues Honk Kong is dealing at the moment from their own public reaction. The demonstration has entered in 11th week and effected economy, transport, business, international relations with many partners countries they have to deal with in the trade. Situation analyst predicts negotiations may not soon get to some settlement In such scenario there are following options that can be opted.

Hong Kong Live Protest Updates

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Here is what analyst think would be the likeliest scenario in the current situation of Hong Kong:

  1. All major western media partners can be asked to leave within a day or two to avoid foreign influence.
  2. The military can intervene.
  3. An emergency can be announced
  4. Protesters can be deal with arrest and imprisonment. Curfew can be placed
  5. All Hong Kong citizens are advised to stay at home for some days, and emergency services will be provided by the PLA;
  6. The PLA will bring food and essentials to HK, and they will be photographed and videotaped doing this by the Propaganda Department of the Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party. This will be widely shown on television and media in China.
  7. Just as the pro-democracy activists think that they are safe, the security services of the PRC, working together with the HK police, will start arresting troublemakers at their homes in the middle of the night. Since there are no western media in HK, there will be no reporting about this.
  8. The troublemakers will be sent to separate re-education camps in Xinjiang, where they will learn songs praising the party, and watch videos about China has prospered under the leadership of the party. Their Mandarin will improve really fast.
  9. If they show good behavior, they will return sooner to HK. If not, they can learn more songs and watch more videos, and get better at Mandarin

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