Germany thinks GB exit without a deal is apt

German Government believes that it will be in the best interest of Great Britain if they leave the EU with no deal on 31st Oct. The impact of departure on the future relationship will be better and positive. Germany also believes that the UK will crash out without a deal. Although no-deal Brexit would lead to many unexpected outcomes in regards to escalated fares in services and retail industry


The new chancellor of the exchequer is the most senior member of Boris Johnson’s cabinet to meet the German government since Johnson replaced Theresa May as Prime Minister. As Boris Johnson prepares to meet with German leader Angela Merkel, a leaked briefing document has revealed that Germany is well on the way to readying itself for a no-deal Brexit.

Br exit and Irish Border

The paper leaked to German paper Handelsblatt will make worrying reading for the Prime Minister suggesting that Germany will not be bluffed into abandoning measures guaranteeing a peaceful border between Ireland and Northern Ireland.

What Germany thinks about Brexit deal

The internal German government document indicates a European preparedness to let Britain leave the EU with an economically disastrous no-deal Brexit rather than abandon assurances for EU member state Ireland on the Irish backstop negotiated in Theresa May’s withdrawal deal. The leaked memo was prepared by the German civil service for German finance minister, Olaf Scholz, ahead of his talks on Friday with Sajid Javid.

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