‘Greenland: Land Not for sale, still in White House consideration

Greenland, what’s your future plan? Your actual owner is not ready to lose you but buyers are really at the gate knocking door to get you with them. Yes President Trump is interested to buy the Greenland island and it’s under his consideration, White House officials revealed. More interestingly the island is under Greenland’s government and already informed the Trump administration that it’s out of the question to sell it.

The reason why he has shown interest in this Island is that it has a huge capacity of hidden minerals and earlier they offered Denmark and offered around $100 million which was declined at that time. During WWII they did manage some camps, stations, and military bases. In response to Trump offer Ministry of Foreign affairs, Kudlow clearly replied that we understand what the USA had in past for now Island is open for business and trade but NOT FOR SALE

Image result for greenland island

“That was a very interesting proposal that was thrown out,” Manchin said on CBS’ “Face the Nation.” “If it has any merit to it, we’ll hear about it. I haven’t heard that. I’ve just heard basically what’s been reported on the news. “Kudlow said Sunday that the issue is “developing.” “I don’t want to predict an outcome,” Kudlow said. “I’m just saying: The president, who knows a thing or two about buying real estate, wants to take a look at a Greenland purchase.”

He called Greenland a “strategic place up there” with a “lot of valuable minerals.”NASA flew over Greenland to track ice: It took some sobering photos Greenland sale? Trump talked to colleagues about buying Greenland, reports say

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