How will you respond?

You gave a loan of PKR 40,000 to a friend two years ago BUT since then he has refused to pay back, which has really affected your friendship. You have pleaded with him to pay you PKR 20,000 and forget the rest.

He tells you he can only get you PKR 15,000 because that’s all he has.
You feel like you have no option but to accept. You give him your account details to send the amount directly to your bank.

You wake up the next morning to check your account and there you find PKR 150,000 in it.
You keep staring at the screen in disbelief but it is indeed PKR 150,000

You check other notifications on your phone and find 53 missed calls from him and an additional 27 text messages begging you to transfer back 135,000 PKR since he only meant to send you PKR 15,000 but accidentally added an extra “0”

What will you do?

  1. Send back 135,000 PKR
  2. Take out your full 40,000 PKR
  3. Keep the entire 150,000 PKR to teach him a good lesson?
  4. Any other options

Explain the option
Start the answer now…

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