Huawei, flagship smart phone will not have this

Huawei users Globally and in China will have different response to this tech news from Chinese tech giant. As they are launching their next flagship smartphone in coming month and that will be quite different than its precedent smart phones.

Interestingly Chinese users of Huawei wont be surprised as they have their own apps alternative to google, you tube, google maps and various other android based apps which they are using and do not even familiar of android and google apps unless they visit out of China they realize world is up to many other digital apps. Interestingly Huawie officials told they may use same OS instead Huawie newly launched Harmony.

Related image

Huawei itself knows this fact that 50% of the users are Chinese based and wont be affected but their continuous effort is for global users based in the rest of the world. They do not want to lose there brand positioning they achieved in the recent years as they were hardly in top 10 ranking in smart phone manufacturers list but with advance and innovative tech strategy they claimed 2nd position in smart phone manufacturing list which is indeed a great milestone.

Huawei Flagship smartphone will not have google and android apps for users


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