Huawei, US companies & Chinese teach giant: US China trade war

Huawei, US government is still not willing to change its odd policy with Huawei and thats the reason they have not given access to 130 US based companies to have any kind of trade with China based tech giant Huawei. Licenses are still on hold and US govt has given clear instructions to halt any kind of trade with Chinese tech giant. More than 130 applications have so far been received at US commerce department.

Trump however in his recent talk revealed that some of the companies will be given access amid trade war between US-China but no progress has so far been observed

Huawei on the other hand is familiar with the threat of US market, they claim 50% of the users are in China and are not exposed to such impact of trade war. However rest of the 50% users we are not leaving them alone. Huawei developed OS Harmony which will be launched and available for trial soon. They have developed there own map as competitive as google maps.

They would not be much effected with the anti trade US policy or equally effected as US companies. The problem started in May when US govt cautioned customers that Huawei could spy them sought allies not to allow 5g network to them
Last week, Trump vowed to raise tariffs on $550 billion in Chinese imports, hours after China imposed new levies on $75 billion in US goods. Then he softened his tone towards China at the G7 leaders’ meeting over the weekend, saying he thought the world’s two largest economies would reach a deal to end the tit-for-tat trade war that has roiled markets and hammered growth

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