Apple I Phone 11 Pro: She pours Coke on it?

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Apple I Phone 11 Pro, lady gone crazy

via Apple I Phone 11 Pro: She pours Coke on it?


The iPhone 11 Pro is a beautiful phone. There I said it! The matte glass back is elegant. The OLED display is slightly brighter than I expected, which is clever. The trypophobia-inducing camera bump is sleeker than it looks in photos, and the ability to zoom in and out is pretty cool. The iPhone 11 Pro is a little faster

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The iPhone 11 is good. Some of its most touted features might feel more like gimmicks, and I definitely miss a few features limited to the pricier Pro. Still, with its brilliant camera and a handful of other new bits, this is a phone you can upgrade to with little of the usual guilt.

This year Apple did away with the confusing branding the marked the last two generations of phones. There’s no oblique letters or weird Arabic versus Roman numeral situation. There’s the iPhone 11, which starts at $700, the slightly smaller $1,000 iPhone 11 Pro, and the slightly larger $1,100 iPhone 11 Pro Max.

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