Tech News, Amazon took Io T forward: Gadgets revealed

Amazon taking Io T things quite rapidly to the next level. For some viewers who have little or no idea about internet of things, its about the time Amazon believes that integration among home used gadgets is extremely important and inevitable. Amazon do not want its users to get wired with smart phone and it simply wants to reduce its dependency. How is that possible? By giving access to every home used gadget and enables it to be used on internet by the help of chip Amazon predominantly extending internet to variety of gadgets being used by home users and for tech people. Imagine you only have to once connect your home gadgets with internet to use it later. Amazon held a media event in its hometown of Seattle on Wednesday morning. The company unleashed a flood of hardware over 90 minutes, including new Alexa devices, new Echo speakers devices, and some very curious gadgets you can place on your body. We’ve rounded up the highlights for you below.

Amazon unleashed gadgets

Here is all you need to know about the range of products Amazon has launched and how it taking ioT to next level. From ring to ear buds incredible tech addition in gadgets

Now you can put Alexa directly inside your ears. Amazon’s Echo Buds are the first native hands-free Alexa headphones—an important distinction, because there are already headphones on the market with Alexa inside. These wire free buds have Bose noise-reduction tech in them, which you can turn on and off by tapping on one of the earpieces. Amazon claims five hours of battery life per charge. The Buds will ship in October for $130. Swishy ponytail not included.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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