Amazon Go making its way to.

Amazon extending its Amazon Go technology to commercial side for various reasons. What is this technology? Amazon has launched Amazon Go in various retail outlets in US which enhance customer shopping experience explicitly while check out. Long ques have always been an inevitable constraint for shoppers, they tends to change the store just to avoid long ques and delays in check out. Amazon Go addressed customers concern and launched its own stores with cash free check outs. Those stores and outlets allows customers to get the product from shelves and receipt from counter no cash transaction involved in the process. This has result great response from customers side Amazon Go claimed it.

  • Amazon opened its first Brick and Mortar in 2015
  • Amazon launched its Amazon Go store in Jan 2018
  • It will help spreading beyond Retail industry
  • Minimize online shopping dependency
  • Enhance corporate binding
  • enable them to interact with rivals
  • Also will lead to cloud Business

Now to extend this across various verticals f the business where Amazon facing entry constraints due to various reasons they have used this tool and revealed to extend this tech in commercial areas such as cinemas, airports and other public places. Cashier less shopping entice customers and enhance trust.

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