London to deal with CC rampage for 2 weeks

Around 30,000 activists are expected to try and grind the city over the next fortnight in a move that will stop people getting to work, making hospital appointments and hit businesses. London major arteries block

London: Rampage of approximately 30,000 planning to take London streets with an intention to block main arteries of London to fetch some attention towards the cause they believe is of high attention. Climate Change is not an individual issue. Lambeth and West Minister Bridges are all occupied by humans and turned into food streets, yoga area, play area and sleeping arena for at least coming 2 weeks. Riots planning to take London City Airport to take hold off which fears international flights to effects as well.

 Protesters struggle to prevent their equipment being confiscated by police from a van during the occupation of Westminster Bridge
 Extinction Rebellion campaigners stand in front of a police van
 Climate change activists block The Mall as they demonstrate near Buckingham Palace
 Climate change activists chain themselves together on Victoria Street, outside Westminster Abbey

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