Best 5 apps successful Entrepreneurs and Startups preferred

Startup major Nightmares, 85% of the entrepreneur could not start just because of fear of failing and idea execution constraints. Beside all planning , strategy and other mandatory phases the most important thing entrepreneurs have to keep reminding themselves through out the roller coaster journey is one simple thing , when you spend few months and goes though the roller coaster of events instead of giving up in such odd moments you should review the same piece of paper deposited at the start of the journey to retrieve the same motivation you had in the start. That helps to stay focus, dedicated and prevail the intention to move on.

if you are a one man army, in such scenario Starting a new business can be a rewarding adventure. That said, entrepreneurs are faced with hundreds of tasks as they endeavor to gather and manage resources whilst trying to maintain communication with clients and team members, reach new clients, manage accounts and so much more. So here are five apps (some also platforms) that enable you as an entrepreneurs to better manage time, control finances, boost productivity  build a strong relationship with Customers, basic designing platform and other go get practices.

85% Startups using these apps to optimize Business

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1.Mint streamlines your payments

When it comes to managing money it’s often one of the areas that entrepreneurs catastrophically fail especially at an early stage. This mismanagement of money (usually out of control expenses) can be a major problem for any fledgling business.This is where Mint comes in, allowing you to create budgets and manage expenses in one simple app that’s easy to use. It offers a single platform that displays how much money is available, plus what is due and when – enabling entrepreneurs to better manage finances anywhere at any time. Additionally, the app features:

2.Buffer extends your SM exposure

Social media is a vital component of any modern entrepreneurs marketing plan; this is especially true for startup/ early-stage tech companies who typically focus on building large social followings (because it’s mostly free). However, when it comes to managing social media marketing and profiles on the many social media platforms there are, businesses often fall and fail to engage or provide interesting and relevant content consistently. There is often debate which one is better Hoot suite or Buffer so you may check the comparison

3. Wunder list

Now to a pure application! Wunder list is a popular to-do list app for a good reason. It offers more than a simple to-do checks off the list. This app allows you to handle with ease both small and large tasks. If you’re working in a team, you can also assign tasks to team members and set due dates where reminders will alert users about the approaching deadline (enabling team members to stay on schedule and allowing you to track). There is a debate about Wunder list and Trello which one is better in terms of features so you may have a look

4. Canva enables you to do basic designing

Like many early-stage entrepreneurs, struggle in designing region and they think they have not left with any other option beside out sourcing the project or getting task done by some freelancer. But this million dollar website has solved one of the complex issue for startups and entrepreneur. It wont let you stuck anywhere and you don’t have to wait for designers for designing small flyers, posters, Facebook covers, Instagram post, web cover photo. Canva offers you diverse services and makes you independent. I simply loved the freedom and in dependency Canva gave me. It is so friendly to use, sections are as simple as you imagine, very clearly mention different segments which helps you what to do and how to do.

5. Mail Chimp enhances your customers relationship

Its an amazing free platform to reach out your customers through seasonal marketing campaigns. It gives you option to design your poster, add recipients list of customers and shoot an email and make your self alive in the mail box. There are 4 free marketing tools which allows you to develop and design your campaign and spread over social media. Other free software from marketing campaign are send in blue also offers your free plan, Zoho Marketing campaign platform has same purpose and also offer free plan to reach out the customers. Constant Contact, AWeber and GetResponse are also available platforms offer initial free plans to reach out to customers . So we have almost 6 mailing platforms that offers free marketing campaign but they all have different ways and tricks to develop and execute marketing campaigns.

Practical and extremely economical Power adapter for startups or corporate meetings , Plug and play power adapter gadget. Plug in Single power outlet and use 7 outlets purposefully.

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