Highly recommended things for Interview

In the competitive market where your resume gets shortlisted among hundreds others you should be very careful about certain attributes of your potential employer as it has perceived your first impression positive and gave you an opportunity to have you in person and to know more about you so letting that chance go waste wont be viable choice for you. Many people think with there own perspective and appears in front of recruiter realizing few things matters and some of them may not however if things turn other way around you lost the chance. So shun these mistakes before appearing in front of HR and make the most out of the opportunity given to you.

80% HR and Recruiters recommendations

  • From opening door , your body language and expression everything gets noticed
  • How you sit, greet and put of your gadgets matters
  • Your belongings such phone, shades, air pods, wallet, and keys comes under eye
  • It reflects your get up and life style
  • Your precise intro decides almost 80% of the encounter result.
  • Your Education illustration and job experience relevancy should be a smooth wave
  • at least read out your resume 10 times so that you do not hesitate
  • Always try to understand question to respond precisely

Arriving Late

  • first impression matters a lot
  • Give a margin of at least 10-15 mins get a coffee to feel motivated
  • Arriving early helps you observing office environment, you could get a chance to speak to people around
  • Reaching on time will eventually takes all the time to settle down and calm yourself

Dress code matters

  • All across the industry no potential employers expects wearied employee
  • One should know how to carry himself and such trends are not hard to observe
  • Dress properly and be the best version of yourself
  • Half of the motivation factors usually drains away while noticing other people along
  • From hair style to show shine everything gets notice and matters take that doubt off

Avoid Cell Phone

  • Avoid Cell phone during formal session
  • Not even it should ring, should be on vibration
  • its distracts attention and makes you embarrassed in front of people

Always praise your past employer

  • Whether you have good or bad ending never complain about past employer
  • Mention is attributes and also highlight some cheering moments you had with him
  • You have no idea how it feels like sitting on the other side of the table
  • Tell something very neutral that cause you to leave the previous company
  • Be very precise and selective while mentioning odds of previous company

Always ask something in the end

  • Ask mandatory details about position, timings and leave schedule its shows your interest
  • Never say i have no question to ask in the end, it may be perceived negative
  • Never ask basic questions, think of something that generally fits in the company

Do not pretend fake

  • Be yourself industry is small and every second person could be mutual linked
  • Be smart, understand what have been asked and reply wisely
  • Do not over explain where you think they are losing attention try to sum up
  • Its hard to be precise but that where the your ability get tested

Never share personal stuff

  • Always tell what has been asked never go in much details
  • Avoid irrelevant chat instead stay focused
  • You have no idea about the other person mentality
  • Stay professional that always appreciated and liked

important Interview things that gets noticed and you have no idea about it

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