Mehdi Hasan talk about Covid19 & Capitalism

All the predictions and anticipations experts claimed last year about year 2020 has ended up as scrap. March 2020 will be 31 days that the world will not soon forget. A novel corona virus that had infected tens of thousands in China, spread rapidly to many other countries, particularly European nations and the United States. Over the course of this one month, infections worldwide jumped more than seven fold, pushed health care systems beyond their limits and forced governments to announce border closures and lock downs to try and contain the virus which causes Covid-19. The World Health Organisation officially declared a pandemic during March, and the epicenter of the crisis shifted from China to Europe. Case numbers continued to rise despite calls for people to self-isolate, and more strict government measures, changing the daily lives of millions of people for the foreseeable future.

Post Covid perception of life

  1. United States is no longer the world’s leading country.
  2. China won the 3rd world war without firing a missile and no one could handle it.
  3. Vladímir Putin is a visionary.
  4. Prevention saves more lives than acting at the last moment.
  5. Health professionals are worth more than a footballer.
  6. Europeans are not as educated as they appear .
  7. We are not mistaken when we ask for more hospitals “and less war”.
  8. Children occupy a privileged place in nature.
  9. Oil is worthless in a society without consumption.
  10. Death does not distinguish race, color, or social strata.
  11. Now we know what are problems of locked down countries like Syria & Kashmir
  12. Now we know how animals feel in zoos.
  13. Now we realise today’s children no longer know how to play without internet or TV.
  14. Health care workers are alone, abandoned and forgotten. Even so, they never give up.
  15. No religious leaders saved coronavirus patients.
  16. We started to appreciate the great gesture of trust that means shaking hands.
  17. The planet regenerates quickly without humans.
  18. We are not prepared for a pandemic
  19. More should be invested in health rather than festivals.

How Covid19 transformed our lives perception

What Covid-19 is throwing into sharp relief is just how false our beliefs about markets are. Around the world, governments fear that critical systems will be disrupted or overloaded: supply chains, social care, but principally healthcare. There are lots of contributing factors to this. But let’s take two.

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