YouTube top 3 trending videos got insane views but why?

I had a chance to see the YouTube trending section videos which was rear to be honest but what i saw trending on top 3 slots was just 23 hours ago which means not even a day but surprisingly they had 1, 4 & 6 million views which forced me to dig in further in the videos and wanted to see what is the content they have. Best part was each of them was not too long just 3 minutes so mentally i got myself prepared to dedicate my 10 minutes for these 3 videos. Although i am not that fond of games and stuff but still i did manage to see complete videos which after completing got me feel like absolutely shocked. I felt like back dated or out of fashion. For me it was a total piece of non sense but at the same time i was wondering how did this kind a stuff managed to get millions views in just less than 24 hours. Believe me or not i would like you to go through these 3 links and explain me what you did conclude in total 10 minutes. And also share how you feel and what did you get from them?


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